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Strong supporter of the European Parliament elections

BusinessEurope and the European business community have always strongly supported European integration and a strong European Union. Businesses are the backbone of our economy, fuelling innovation, generating employment, and fostering economic growth.


The European Parliament elections are not merely about selecting representatives, but about safeguarding our values, ensuring our voices are heard, and charting a path towards a brighter, more prosperous future. Under the slogan ‘Reboot Europe’, BusinessEurope has launched its campaign calling for policy changes in the next EU political cycle.


From left to right: BusinessEurope Director General Markus J. Beyrer and President Fredrik Persson

Europe needs a reboot to restore its competitiveness

To deliver for society, the EU needs strong companies as much as European companies need a strong European Union to succeed. Our companies are committed to play their role in society by producing quality goods and services at affordable prices, creating productive and fulfilling jobs, contributing to the financing of public services and infrastructure, innovating, and delivering enabling technologies for the green and digital transitions.


Unfortunately, they are currently held back by high energy costs, excessive regulation, lengthy permitting procedures, and skills and labour shortages. The EU must use the next political cycle to reboot its policies and improve its attractiveness as an investment location.


The voice of business at European level

Headquartered in Brussels, at the heart of the EU institutions, BusinessEurope is the leading advocate for growth and competitiveness at European level, standing up for companies across the continent and campaigning on the issues that most influence their performance. A recognised social partner, we speak for enterprises of all sizes in 36 European countries whose national business federations are our direct members.


We work on behalf of our member federations to ensure that the voice of business is heard in European policymaking. We stand up for companies across the continent and campaign on the issues that influence their performance most. We interact regularly with the European Parliament, Commission and Council, and other relevant stakeholders. We also represent European business internationally, ensuring that Europe remains globally competitive.