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IV, Austria

Austria, Industrial Country – Reloaded

Ensuring sustainable competitiveness

With its slogan “Austria, Industrial Country—Reloaded”, the industrial association lays out how to succeed in boosting Austria’s industrial core, the engine for prosperity and security. They analysed the location signal (what the economy should stand for internationally), network (global networking) and charging status (location factors). And offer concrete suggestions for further developing these three areas.

  • Signal strength: Austria’s economic policy signal is becoming increasingly weaker. Cornerstones such as a social market economy, willingness to perform, and personal responsibility are being pushed into the background.
  • Network connection: The need for a stronger connection to their international network is becoming increasingly apparent. Instead of opening up new markets, Austria is currently hindering the creation of new partnership alliances at the European level (e.g. Mercosur). This is done without considering that their prosperity depends to a significant extent on intensive trade with their partners around the world.
  • Charging status: The power bank at our location is no longer full. Demographic developments are leading to a shortage of workers and skilled workers. In addition, companies still have to contend with high energy prices compared to other countries. These challenges arise in an environment characterised, among other things, by a significant tax burden, rising unit labour costs, complex bureaucracy, and over-regulation.

You can find their position on the European Parliament elections and EU legislative cycle 2024-2029 here.