Natonal Actions

VBO FEB, Belgium

A stronger Europe in the world

A stronger Europe in the world is what the VBO FEB advocates in the context of the upcoming European elections. Therefore, it calls on political parties to prioritize the competitiveness of businesses and excessive regulatory burdens. Its memorandum asserts that the European Union must become the preferred region for entrepreneurship, innovation, and investment for all businesses, large and small.

“The Green Deal has dominated the current European legislature. The next one should be characterized by a new ‘industrial deal’, a real competitiveness pact to complement the Green Deal. One cannot succeed without the other. Additionally, each new administrative obligation should be offset by removing another. Without this, European institutions risk losing the support of entrepreneurs.”

Pieter Timmermans, CEO of FEB. Read more

FEB highlights its priorities for the European legislature 2024-2029 through 12 levers to enhance competitiveness.