National Actions

DI, Denmark

Time to turn Europe’s future around

Danish Industry’s campaign puts European competitiveness on the agenda both in Brussels and in Denmark. Under the headline “Time to turn Europe’s future around”, it shows two possible futures for the Union: one is hopeful, and the other is less so.

Time is running out. The European elections on 6-9 June 2024 will be the tipping point for decision makers.

Recent crises have proven the value and strength of European synergy. But the role of the EU, Europe’s prosperity and growth, and our safety is being challenged. Geopolitical trends, compounded by bureaucratic “red tape”, have exposed Europe’s fragility. As a result, in recent years we have seen valuable businesses and their investments moving outside the EU.

From DI’s point of view strengthening Europe’s competitiveness will mean the difference between win and lose for the EU.

The campaign consists of a few major activities other than close political dialogues between candidates and businesses, pr, and advertising.

Politico wrap around framing EC-meeting
DI wrapped the leading Brussels magazine, Politico, in the message. This was done leading up to The European Council meeting on competitiveness in April. On the front page was a reversible poem – read from top to bottom was the worrying message of loss of prosperity and businesses. But the message from the top to bottom was reverse – that there is hope for Europe.

Test yourself – which candidate to vote for?
DI created a digital survey with participation from 83 % of all Danish candidates for the European Parliament. The questions concern competitiveness among other business-related issues. This survey was then published on DI’s website as a survey where users can respond to the same questions and find matches between their views and candidate’s. This is advertised with overwhelming success to members and their employees.

Live debates with top candidates
Top candidates participate in live debates on various venues in different regions of Denmark. This way some of the main issues for businesses and different sectors are debated with participation from local media, business owners and employees.