Natonal Actions

Svenskt Näringsliv, Sweden

The EU of the future

With a strong voice

Sweden will vote for the European Parliament elections on 9 June. Then, 21 Swedish members will be elected, with the opportunity to influence the EU’s future. Swedish Business and Industry wants Sweden to be the driving force for the EU to prioritize the right issues, with a focus on building a strong internal market and a competitive EU during the next mandate period. A competitive Europe is also our strongest asset in a challenging world.

Before the elections to the European Parliament, Svenskt Näringsliv has developed five priorities for a more competitive EU:

  • The EU’s internal market – an engine for growth
  • The EU as a strong player in an open world
  • The power of business is driving climate change
  • Leading technology development and digitization
  • A competence supply where everyone contributes to innovation and growth