Natonal Actions

BDA, Germany


A change of course for a better EU

BDA’s multimedia campaign “WirtschaftFürEuropa” takes a firm stance for Europe, its achievements and values. Together we must work for a change of course for a better EU, bringing competitiveness back to the top of the EU agenda. With their campaign, German employers aim to support the constructive democratic forces in Europe – speaking out against extremism and populism. The European elections offer an opportunity to do so – let us seize it together.

In their vision for a new agenda 2024-2029, BDA proposes concrete solutions to 21 problems to ensure good EU policy for people and businesses. As social partner, BDA is committed to a strong and competitive Europe:

  • Europe’s future: achieving greater competitiveness and shaping it with effective policy tools
  • A functioning Single Market: reducing complexity in labour mobility and enabling flexibility
  • Strategic competitiveness: preventing bureaucratic burnout and removing barriers to modernisation
  • Skilled labour: attracting talent and securing future skills