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Ibec, Ireland

Electing for Business – A Stronger Europe, Stronger Ireland Initiative

Ibec, the group representing Irish Business, says that the upcoming European Elections are occurring at a critical juncture for Ireland and Europe as the global economy undergoes accelerated change. Geo-political tensions, increases in protectionism, and intensifying global competition are creating an uncertain business environment across Europe. According to Ibec, to strengthen the EU and address the challenges facing business and society, competitiveness needs to be at the forefront.

In the Ibec “Electing for Business” manifesto launched ahead of a series of hustings events with Irish MEP candidates across each of the three constituencies, the manifesto notes that the strength of the European economy and its ability to deliver for people depend on businesses of all sizes. This will determine Europe’s capacity to grow, attract investment, and create job opportunities.

The manifesto also highlights the impact of competition and regulation, advancing the European single market, enabling the labour market, and addressing trade barriers and other key priorities.

“The elections for the 2024-2029 European Parliament are occurring in a critical period for Ireland and Europe. Against the backdrop of significant global change, businesses are grappling with new legislation, unprecedented in complexity and scale, as it begins to enter into force across a range of policy areas, notably on environmental, digital, and social policy. The EU is central to our ability to meet these challenges and achieve future success, as businesses and as citizens. The European Parliament elections on 7 June are an opportunity to help shape that future and an opportunity to put strong Irish voices into one of Europe’s key institutions. We are urging the candidates elected in Ireland to bring forward the message that business underpins economic growth across Europe and our ability to enhance EU cooperation in other areas is heavily dependent on economic prosperity.”

Pat Ivory, Director of EU and International Affairs

Ibec will host constituency hustings with candidates from the main political parties in the coming weeks with Irish businesses having their opportunities to discuss their priorities with the candidates.