Natonal Actions

FEDIL, Luxembourg

A Strong Industry for a Competitive Europe

Don’t lose industry and businesses for the European cause

As the EU Elections of June 9, 2024, approach, FEDIL recognises the critical juncture at which the European Union stands. Global economic growth has slowed down, especially in Europe, and the trust of companies in the EU, a fundamental pillar of our shared economic prosperity, is at a tipping point. FEDIL’s messages formulate clear and direct responses to that challenge. It is not merely a statement of vision; it is an urgent wake-up call.

Throughout their document, they address the main policy areas of interest for FEDIL’s members, advocating for decisive and bold steps to restore and reinforce trust. They call for a renewed focus on streamlining and harmonising the EU Single Market, implementing robust netzero industrial policies in the EU, ensuring effective energy policies, setting realistic environmental policies, advancing digitalisation, promoting innovation, and navigating the global economic landscape with open and strategic foresight.

On 7 May, in collaboration with the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, FEDIL convened a crucial roundtable discussion in anticipation of the European elections. The event facilitated an insightful dialogue on the future of European industry, engaging stakeholders and representatives from Luxembourg’s main political parties. High-level participants included FEDIL President Georges Rassel, BusinessEurope Director General Markus J. Beyrer, and a panel debate featuring a representative from Luxembourg’s five major political parties.