Natonal Actions

MBB, Malta

Maltese Business Priorities for the EU Term 2024 – 2029

Malta has the least number of MEPs in the European Parliament. The volume of legislation going through Parliament is overwhelming which is why Maltese businesses expect MPs to take up membership of committees strategically in order to actively monitor and intervene on legislations of relevance to Malta. The following European Parliament committees are considered to be of most importance for Maltese businesses where it is crucial to have Maltese representatives:

  • Internal Market Committee (IMCO)
  • Employment Committee (EMPL)
  • Industry Research and Energy (ITRE)
  • Transport and Tourism (TRAN)
  • Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON)
  • Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI)

Maltese business expects that elected MEPs put Malta and the competitiveness of the Maltese economy before political parties agenda. Considering the limited resources, MEPs and the Maltese business community need to work more closely together in the national interest.

On 17 May they organized an event as part of their ‘E.YOU: Connecting you with Europe’ series, designed to engage citizens in the lead-up to the MEP elections in June. This dynamic event offered a platform for lively debates and insightful discussions, aimed at fostering a deeper understanding of key European issues. The event featured two debates, the first one on ‘Safeguarding the 4 EU freedoms‘ and the second one on the ‘Future of Europe‘. Watching the event record here.