National Actions

CEOE, Spain

Strengthening, Speeding up, Boosting.

CEOE’s proposals for the 2024-2029 European institutional cycle: a public-private commitment to foster EU competitiveness

The Spanish Confederation of Business Organisations (CEOE) has launched a campaign to highlight its proposals for the new European institutional cycle 2024-2029 under the slogan “Fortalecer, agilizar, impulsar” (“Strengthening, Speeding up, Boosting”) addressed to the Spanish candidates to the European Parliament, to the future College of Commissioners, to the Spanish Government and all European decision-makers. These three ideas symbolise the transition that, according to Spanish companies, the EU should follow with the ultimate goal of consolidating European competitiveness and positioning it as the cornerstone of EU policies during the new European institutional cycle.

The European Union is on the verge of embarking on a new Institutional cycle while it is confronted with internal and external challenges of the utmost importance. Consequently, there is a need for a strong consensus-based boost to swiftly advance towards the EU’s priorities for the next five years, ensuring Spain’s strategic role in shaping and developing the upcoming European agenda.

These are CEOE’s proposals to contribute to a more united, prosperous, sustainable, strong and secure Europe during the 2024-2029 European institutional cycle:

  • A regulatory framework for competitiveness
  • Completing the Single Market, a central priority
  • An economic and fiscal environment to foster investment
  • Putting competitiveness at the heart of the Green Transition
  • Consolidating the digitalisation of the economy
  • Boosting innovation as the backbone of competitiveness
  • An EU based on strong social dialogue fostering job creation
  • A strengthened foreign policy and an open trade and investment policy
  • A strategic Spain within an agile institutional framework

As part of the campaign, CEOE has released explanatory videos on the relevance of the EU, the European Parliament elections, and its connection to the national economy. Likewise, in the same format, they outline the core ideas of their document.

Additionally, CEOE President Antonio Garamendi presented CEOE’s proposals to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation of Spain, José Manuel Albares, on April 23 in an event at the Confederation’s headquarters. Many companies and business organisations operating within CEOE’s European Affairs Commission attended this event.

In parallel, CEOE’s President himself wrote an opinion piece detailing this proposal document in Expansión, the leading Spanish economic newspaper.

CEOE will support this campaign on social media until the European Parliament elections in June.